For many years there is a massage- and spa-parlor in the region Eindhoven that has a superb quality.  Wellness Massage Na Rood Eindhoven. Specialized in Thai Yoga, Thai Warrior and other strong massages.

You’ll find Wellness Na Rood Eindhoven in Geldrop, ten minutes drive from Eindhoven. Twenty minutes from Helmond. With more than enough parking. Ying and her masseuse are highly trained and are know to solve many problems that can occur in a body.  

The massages that you can get are:

Thai Yoga massage

Thai Warrior massage

Intensive massage

Neck and shoulder massage

Swedisch of sportmassage

Relaxation Massage


Foot Massage

Spa Therapy

And many more


One hour massage cost about 70 euros, for one-and-half hour you pay 100 euros, and the two hour massage will cost only 120 euros.


Of course you can make an appointment. In fact, we recommend it highly, because then you can be sure that you are being massaged. If no appointment is made there is a chance that all the beds and / or masseuses are occupied.

For an appointment please call to 06 81104780 or mail mail@wellnessnarood.nl. Or click on the Whatsapp-button on the right of the screen. 

Heuvel 19 Pand-2Where to find us

Thai Wellness Spa Na Rood

Wielstraat 24

5664 HP Geldrop

Tel: 06 811 04 78e